According to Fox19, cadaver dogs alerted officials to a site which contained an old burn pile on Apparel Road. Reader told Fox19 it signaled human remains were possibly there in the past or may be there now. Pike County Coroner David Kessler was called to … Link.

The experiment in the remaining rat and one dog did show movement after the purported surgery … Importantly, because the details of this cadaver head transplant have not been published in peer-reviewed journals, critics continue to question the … Link.

Those search warrants were executed on Hackleshin Road and the 2300 block of Lapperell Road. The sheriff confirmed that cadaver dogs brought in from Manchester alerted their handlers to a specific spot on the Apparel Road property. That location being the … Link.

Indeed, compared with the revisionist dog’s breakfast that’s been made of the National Museum of American History by the authorities at the Smithsonian, the Museum of the Bible is a great breath of fresh air. Which is all the more reason to lament that … Link.