His father reported him missing on May 26 and there have been a number of major police searches involving divers and cadaver dogs. Police arrest a man on Castlereagh Rd but couldn’t find Jordan Morris after he disappeared across the road near Boundary Creek. Link.

A police affidavit filed in the case refers to a December 2016 search that used cadaver dogs at a site in rural White County. Capital murder is punishable in Arkansas by life in prison without parole or by death. Link.

The owners of the home gave permission to have the property examined by a cadaver dog. Officials were using hand picks, digging the yard up by hand on Tuesday afternoon. Forrest was last seen at the home in the 1400 block of Croydon Road by an ex-boyfriend. Link.

“We contacted the state fire marshal’s office, and they brought out their cadaver dog to assist in the search.” Hardin Street is located just off Highway 9 North. There are several densely wooded areas within 1,000 feet of the spot where the skull … Link.

Mary-Ann Warren testified in court on Friday. She is a professional dog trainer from Alberta, Canada. Warren was brought in by the defense team to testify about the three cadaver dogs who searched for evidence of human remains inside Burgess’ townhome. Link.