“It’s really kind of sad,” Jocelyn, 33, said, as a team of cadaver search dogs from Stroudsburg-based Rescue International prepared to search the area along Golf Course Road and Timber Lane in Hunlock Township where Phylicia was last seen at a party … Link.

It was discovered Wednesday afternoon by cadaver dogs. Police said they didn’t see the body until they got right up on it. Although the body hasn’t been identified, it is presumed to be that of Debbie White, 59, who went missing Saturday after going for a … Link.

Investigators wonder whether her son has hidden her body “We did a search of the property and we used cadaver dogs to do it with. There was no hits from the dogs,” said Det. Nick Kennedy with the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office. “What you have to … Link.

Hers is one of a handful of cadaver schools for the ­nonmedical crowd that has risen … But from now on, they concede, they’ll see dead people when they downward dog. I gaze around at the mysterious-looking spray bottles, the moisture that drips … Link.

The owners also have expressed great remorse. Jan Abbs has been training tracking, obedience and protection dogs for 35 years, search-and-rescue and cadaver dogs for 25 years. She attempted to correct a misconception that pit bulls are genetically … Link.