The opener Fanny Dog is a breezy ode to Segall’s beloved canine companion … The eerie bass groove on Despoiler of Cadaver will get your foot tapping while Ty’s wife, Denee Segall, takes over the vocals in Meaning to drive this monster heavy rocker. Link.

Street’s home, where Hugger claimed she was last seen, was searched. “We did do a complete search of the residence, we brought K-9s, cadaver dogs, live search dogs and I mean, none of the dogs picked up on anything around the residence,” said Nobles. Link.

Capt. Dwayne Jones says investigators had searched the property three times and cadaver dogs searched the area twice but found nothing. The sheriff’s office says the thief found the body near a wall cutout that exposed copper pipes and plumbing … Link.

Investigators searched the property on three occasions and cadaver dogs searched the area twice, according to Jones. Johnson was nowhere to be found. His body was not discovered until Sunday, when the thief came across it at a former Howard Johnson also in … Link.

K-9s Coal-Rook and Nexus are fresh off a job of detecting death. Their job is far from glamourous, but cadaver dogs readily perform a task no person or robot could do: sniff out decomposing flesh. “If you grew up watching these shows like “Bones” and … Link.