Cadaver-sniffing dogs worked through the rubble. Rockville House That Exploded Had Illegal Gas Hookup The damage is “catastrophic,” Montgomery County fire department spokesman Pete Piringer said Friday. “It’s just a pile of debris. it’s just a pile of bricks. Link.

After being arrested the suspects confessed and informed the detectives where Freeman’s body was located. With the help of cadaver dogs and detectives, Freemans’ remains were located in Levy County. Nichols said he murdered freeman during an argument … Link.

Campers will get the chance to learn how to work with cadaver dogs on mock crimes scenes in their brand new building. The camp will touch on topics like; Criminal Justice, fingerprints, bloodstain pattern analysis, and crime scene investigation. Link.

She’s a cadaver dog, working out of Sarasota. As Bella busied herself with a tug toy, Ruslander, a burly man with a gentle way of speaking, explained some of the differences in training and conduct between a typical police dog and a specialist like Bella. Link.

“We have used cadaver dogs around his home, they did not alert on anything around his home. We’ve tried tracking dogs, we’ve had our mounted posse out, as of yet there’s no trace of Mr. Childers and we have, to be honest with you, we have no idea where he … Link.