There will be cadaver search dogs on hand. “We have many positions on the team, from doctors to paramedics to heavy riggers. But I think our primary mission down there is going to be water operations,” FDNY Battalion Chief Joe Downey said Thursday at a … Link.

On Wednesday, neighbors said police showed up with cadaver dogs to search the area. Police returned Thursday to the area of Carpenter and Mimosa with a backhoe. They broke up a concrete slab near an art garden and put it in a truck. Homicide detectives … Link.

The NSW Police Cadaver Dog Unit was even brought in. But they never found any trace of Rachel — not her bag, her shoes, her camera, or her body. The minute they called us, I knew Rachel was dead. Phyllis Funari, Rachel’s mother According to Inspector … Link.

The Queensland Dog Squad currently has 66 general patrol dogs, 10 drug detection dogs, five explosive detection dogs, two blood detection dogs and three cadaver detection dogs. It is understood about five will be trained for USAR in Queensland. Link.

Kava got the idea for the series from speaking with the head of the forensic science department. “We were talking about cadaver dogs. I always wanted to write a story featuring dogs, because I have loved them my entire life. In my other series that … Link.