The Queensland Dog Squad currently has 66 general patrol dogs, 10 drug detection dogs, five explosive detection dogs, two blood detection dogs and three cadaver detection dogs. It is understood about five will be trained for USAR in Queensland. Link.

Kava got the idea for the series from speaking with the head of the forensic science department. “We were talking about cadaver dogs. I always wanted to write a story featuring dogs, because I have loved them my entire life. In my other series that … Link.

At Pennsylvania State University, there is a bioengineer named Brent Craven who is taking MRIs of a cadaver dog’s nose (yes, science is sometimes a bit gruesome) with the goal of creating an artificial nose that works as well as a canine nose. Link.

They are trained to smell two odors — human and narcotics or explosives. Ottawa County does not have a cadaver dog or an explosive dog, although the Michigan State Police force does. Schindy’s K-9 Advocacy and Training Academy is currently holding a shoe … Link.