Body Recovery Effort in Wheeler Lake

Speech to Text for Body Recovery Effort in Wheeler Lake

Below is the closed-captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate.

happening right now! dive teams, search crews, and cadaver dogs are looking for a body in wheeler lake. 56-year old derrick lane and a friend went on a nighttime boat ride last night. lane either jumped – or fell – in the water off motter lane around 8 o’clock. waay31’s breken terry is at the scene with an update on the search efforts – breken? crews here on wheeler lake call this a recovery effort, not a rescue. they’ve been searching the water for about 12 hours at this point. you can see crews are using cadaver dogs, dredgers, sonar and divers to recover this man and bring him home to his family. west- i pulled up at six o’clock and there was already people here and i thought someone had been killed or a cabin had burned down that’s the first thing i thought of. floyd west came to this home off motter drive to do some work on a friend’s house. when he pulled up he saw search and rescue teams from the shoals, morgan county, limestone county, and the state marine patrol searching for derrick lane. west- i feel real sorry for him. from what i’ve been told about it. i don’t the man but it’s a sad thing and it’s always sad when someone drowns or something like that. we know lane was not wearing his life vest when he went into the water and with currents moving the search teams are using side scan sonar, divers, cadaver dogs, and dredging the river to to find him. pate- we want to give the family closure and we want to do our job and help this family start the grieving process. the limestone county sheriff’s office tells us lanes family is asking for privacy at this time. search and rescue crews tell me they will be out here until dark to try and locate him. live in limestone co bt waay31.


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