Cadaver dogs pick up scents while searching for Serenity Dennard

RAPID CITY, S.D, (KOTA TV) – It’s been more than four months since Serenity Dennard ran away from the Black Hills Children’s Home in Rockerville. But searchers are not giving up, especially since more scents are being picked up by cadaver dogs.

About 120 people were involved in a search for Serenity Dennard on Satuday, the largest search group yet. They used the grid search method to focus on five key areas in the Rockerville area. The Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom said by doing this they were able to refine their search and eliminate some spots they feel Serenity is not at.

Throughout the dog search missions, he said there are multiple occasions where cadaver dogs picked up scents in the Rockerville area. The most recent scent found two weeks ago.

However, law enforcement agencies are not just searching but doing more on the investigation side. Sheriff Thom said they’ve interviewed 390 people and conducted about a half a dozen search warrants.

As for the possibility of Serenity Dennard being moved by wild animals in the area, Thom said it’s not likely.

“We’ve talked to people out of the parts of the country here that do searches in areas where they have large predators bears, mountain lions that sort of thing. We’ve consulted with Game Fish and Parks locally, something we’ve looked at. We have nothing to indicate that’s happened in this case. But it’s something we are aware of, something we have researched,” Thom said.

Thom says right now they have no intention of pulling out of search missions or ending the investigation.


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