Cadaver Dog

Dog handlers have also swept surrounding land with two cadaver dogs to assist the previous search. Officials have added Jean to NAMUS, the Nation Missing Unidentified Persons System. “It has been very hard but with the support from everyone, it has been a … Link.

Two days after the press conference, police scoured the area with a search team and cadaver-sniffing dogs. Chances were, they weren’t going to find Laura alive. When police came across tire tracks, they followed them to a shallow grave. Inside was Laura … Link.

“They act afraid,” he said. “That indicates to us that there is a cadaver.” He said the spaces that Frida and the other dogs have had to search are less than 20 inches high. In some places, the dogs had to crawl, getting much deeper into the rubble than … Link.

The Maryland State Police K-9 Unit has welcomed its first human remains detection dog in two decades to their ranks. Skye, a 3-year old springer spaniel, is currently one of only three law enforcement human remains detection dogs in Maryland, according to … Link.

… Salinas said when dogs find a body. “That indicates to us that there is a cadaver.” The veteran dog also trains other Labradors, ages 1 to 5, in her unit. While out on patrol, Frida wears special headgear, a harness and booties to help her dig. Link.