Cadaver Dog

The expiration date listed on bottled water is for the bottle, not the water inside it. more… A cadaver dog or human remains dog is a special type of police dog which has been trained to search for cadavers and human remains. With the use of a cadaver … Link.

The banks of the Shenandoah River were searched using boats, cadaver dogs and a helicopter. None of Aigelinger’s personal belongings was found. Investigators still are pursuing leads and conducting interviews. More recently, forensic evidence from the … Link.

Flores—who’s considered a person of interest but has never been charged due to a lack of evidence, police say—claims he dropped Smart off near her dorm, though the Tribune notes four cadaver dogs reacted separately to Flores’ dorm room, focusing on a … Link.

Shah had been swimming at the lake with friends Sunday when he went missing, officials said. Boats, a helicopter and cadaver dogs were were used in the search, the sheriff’s office said. Shah and his friends were swimming at Fireman’s Cove when a head … Link.