Comic Con Delivers ‘X-Files’ Trailer as Well

After the season 10 revival of X-Files turned out to not be complete dog shit, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will be back on Fox by January of 2018 with a new season. In case you never made it past the season where Mulder got phased out so that he could do Californication, he and Scully had a kid and it’s naturally a really mysterious one.

The cast is currently hanging out on a panel in New York for Comic Con and talking about how ridiculous it is that networks would rather revise a show that’s almost thirty years old than green light a new series. That means that we’re obviously going to get a new trailer, because that’s what Comic Con’s are for…

Yep, it all checks out with me… We got Scully looking great, an alien cadaver looking rubber, and David Duchovny looking just bored enough to hide the fact that he’s doing this for an easy paycheck. Put all that over the top of a Hans Zimmer-esque cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie”? I’m sold.


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