NYPD finds knife but no human remains in Brooklyn backyard after cadaver dogs picked up suspicious scent

Investigators searching a Brooklyn backyard for human remains found a knife but no body, police sources said Wednesday.

They were going off a tip that a 62-year-old man’s dismembered body was buried behind the unassuming two-story home on Bradford St. near New Lots Ave. in East New York by a man who used to live there, source said.

Two NYPD cadaver dogs brought in to sniff the area picked up something suspicious in the corner of the backyard, police said.

The building’s landlord told the Daily News investigators were focused on an area next to a tree where some brickwork started to sink into the ground.

Cops to look for body in Brooklyn backyard after dogs catch scent

But when investigators dug out the yard after the court approved a search warrant late Tuesday they recovered a black 4-inch kitchen knife but no human remains, sources said.

Cops began their investigation Monday when the FBI relayed a tip from an informant claiming to have knowledge of a former resident of the house burying a body in the backyard years ago. The corpse could have been buried there for many years — possibly before 2012, police sources said. A new landlord took over the building that year. 

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