Could they track the chocolate using their noses, crawling on their hands and knees? Absolutely. The track they followed looked like the zigzag of a dog’s trail. — Read more at Cadaver dogs and chocolate-sniffing students at The Irish Times. Link.

More than 150 people took part in the second public search for missing airman Corrie McKeague on Sunday, backed up by cadaver search dogs and a drone. About 40 members of the public joined trained search teams from the charity Suffolk Lowland Search and … Link.

Due to the dense brush to the east of the property, teams have resulted to cut paths into the debris field to clear a way for cadaver and live search dogs into these areas. The cadaver dogs and live search dogs have been through the mobile home … Link.

These days, when I watch a good working dog home in on scent – whether it’s a dog locating the scent of human remains or trailing someone who is still alive – I can see him trace its passage in the air until he’s drawn a clear picture with his nose. Link.

Deputies from Miller and Columbia have been on the scene because both Arkansas counties have missing people. Cadaver dogs are being used in the search, which is being assisted by volunteers. “Every crime needs to be solved, ya’ll, and this is definitely a … Link. “[We] got our fire marshal, deputy fire marshal, and team from the state patrol that will be arriving with the cadaver dog will be leading up the investigation,” Chief Sturdivant said. Officials removed the body from the house … Link.