Cross stated that they paid for the cost of insurance for two cadaver dogs and their handlers. The two dog teams began searching the designated 8 square mile grid on Wednesday morning and were joined by helicopter support in the afternoon. One of the on … Link.

Perry Police Captain Heath Dykes says the search for the missing Perry teen, 18-year-old Samuel Poss, is at a standstill after cadaver dogs searched for over two hours with no luck. Captain Dykes says the cadaver dogs started their search at around 9:30 … Link.

Perry police used cadaver dogs Wednesday in its search for a missing teen. Police Capt. Heath Dykes said they called off the search for Sam Poss, 18, in woods near Frank Satterfield and Tucker roads after deploying the team of dogs brought in from Columbus. Link.

Authorities ended the search of a wooded area for a missing teen Wednesday after cadaver-sniffing dogs came up empty. Sam Poss, 18, was last seen about 1:30 a.m. Saturday when he walked home from a friend’s house barefoot. Three dogs trained to sniff out … Link.

Captain Dykes says crews didn’t find anything of interest during the search Tuesday, but they will continue searching Wednesday morning with cadaver dogs. “There’s a creek area that runs through this property that takes a little bit more time to get … Link.