Deputies had worked with State Law Enforcement Division agents to search for Richardson using a SLED helicopter, bloodhounds, ground search crews and a cadaver dog in the area — with no results until Wednesday, the alert said. On Wednesday officers … Link.

Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster said deputies had flown over that same area before, and even used bloodhounds and a cadaver dog. However, officers say the canopy is now off most of the trees in that area, which would make it easier to spot something in … Link.

The remains have not been found despite the best efforts of lawmen and cadaver dogs. The defense has pointed out Parsley is a diagnosed schizophrenic and is bipolar. Her sister had her admitted to a mental hospital when she first made the claim of … Link.

According to medical testimony, she died from asphyxiation by strangulation. Police questioned Jones about her disappearance and a cadaver dog released by his car found the smell of a body. He told police he and the victim argued and she fell and hit her head. Link.