That’s after a man said his dog came back to the house with what appeared to be a human femur bone. Investigators took the bone to a forensic pathologist who identified it as belonging to a woman. A cadaver dog was called in from the Michigan State … Link.

Jannetti Jr., Mercer County director of public safety. “They said they need cadaver dogs, we brought in cadaver dogs,” Jannetti said, citing one example. Many times last week all three computers were being used inside to type up search warrants … Link.

A Michigan State Police cadaver dog was called in to search but no other bones were found. The bone will undergo more testing to figure out how old it is, but the sheriff does say it appears to be “older”. Link.

A cadaver dog was called in from the Michigan State Police to search the area, Wilson said, but nothing was located in the immediate area at the time. For now, police say they will be doning a complete search of the area with more information to follow … Link.

No deaths have been reported in the latest fire, but crews assessing property damage were using cadaver dogs during searches. The dry vegetation is like firewood, said Sean Collins, another fire information officer. “It burns that much quicker, that much … Link.