It was one of those experts who told me about cadaver dogs and their amazing scent capabilities. Ever since then, I’d been chomping at the bit to include a scent-detection dog in one of my novels. In 2013, that’s exactly what I did in Stranded … Link.

Community support extends to canines in law enforcement. When the North American Police Dog Association holds its annual training event in Douglasville for patrol, drug, bomb and cadaver search dogs and their handlers, Pet Things is a presence. Link.

The Pine Creek K-9 Search Unit now has two certified cadaver search dogs, Jake and Deliliah. The dogs, with their handler Trudy Garvey, completed their certification through North Star International K-9 Training Association on Oct. 8 in Seymour, Ind. Link.

“We were told of three areas where cadaver dogs had been interested,” state forensic scientist John Ertl testified at Steven Avery’s trial in 2007. “There was a gravel yard, gravel quarry. And there was a maybe 30-foot-tall mound of gravel and sand. Link.