The property owner believes his dog fetched the jawbone from nearby woods. Detectives were notified and crews searched the surrounding area. A cadaver dog located a pair of pants close to the man’s house near west Thorpe road, with intact human leg bones … Link.

April 1 – Police say they are treating disappearance as murder investigation. * April 20 – Cadaver dog used to search three properties belonging to Edwards family. Police seize items from Riverdale Court home. Edwards faces court on unrelated firearms charges. Link.

A few weeks later, police said her disappearance was being treated as a murder investigation. Cadaver dog searched three properties belonging to the Edwards family and detectives seized items from the family home at Grafton where Ms Edwards was last seen. Link.

including tracking and cadaver dogs. “Was that the reason for her abduction and her untimely death?””I don’t care why, you killed one of my citizens, that’s all I care about”, Morgan said Monday.”Know where your children are and know what … Link.

New York State Fire Prevention and Control search and rescue dogs and cadaver dogs were called in to check the building as a precaution, and Clark later said officials believed the building to be unoccupied. The dogs’ search included climbing into the … Link.