Search continues for missing teenager on Gregoire Lake

RCMP cruiser.

A cadaver dog search team has joined efforts to locate a 16-year-old boy who went missing in Gregoire Lake in northern Alberta earlier this month.

The teenager was last spotted on Sept. 1 when a witness reported seeing the boy fall off a small boat in the lake located just south of Fort McMurray.

His boat was later found washed up on shore.

Search efforts by the Anzac Fire Department, RCMP officers, the RCMP jet boat and Search and Rescue Alberta volunteers have failed to locate the teenager.

On Sept. 7, the Western Cadaver Dog Association team from southern Alberta was contacted and arrived at the Gregoire Lake Reserve the following day.

The team consists of two volunteers, their cadaver dog, and another dog in training.

Boat patrols will continue throughout the week but the search has been intermittent and restricted at times because of rough water.

Gregoire Lake is about 40 km south of Fort McMurray and 420 km northeast of Edmonton.


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